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Multiplayer pong in your terminal, with Node.

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In Node, with your terminal. Thanks go to TooTallNate's ansi module for terminal trickery.


npm install -g pong


Pretty straight-forward, once it's installed just type pong into your terminal to get started. There's a couple of options too:

Usage: pong [-b|-h|-s|-W <width>|-H <height>|-S <port>|-c <host>]

  -W, --width    Set the width of the playing field           [default: 80]
  -H, --height   Set the height of the playing field          [default: 24]
  -b, --beep     Enable beeping                               [boolean]  [default: false]
  -h, --help     Help!                                        [boolean]
  -s, --safer    Safer output for running over SSH/Mosh/etc.  [boolean]  [default: false]
  -S, --server   Host a Pong server instead of playing Pong.
  -c, --connect  Connect to another Pong server 


It wouldn't be a Node clone without some async-realtime-multiplayer features, so that's built-in too. To start a new game with a random stranger, just type:

pong --connect

And wait. Someone else might join eventually, and you'll get matched up automatically.

You can host your own pong server like so:

pong --server 80

Where 80 is the port your want to run it on. Then connecting it you just need to supply the new server's address and port after the connect flag:

pong --connect
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