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Veldu Rafbíl (Choose EV)

Veldu Rafbíl is a project on electric cars in Iceland and translates to Choose an Electric Car. The two main goals are:

  1. Increasing the adoption of electric cars is Iceland, currently #2 for Passenger plug-in market share of total in the world
  2. Helping users figure out which specific model to choose

This is a NextJS project written in Typescript, deployed using Vercel. The root (/) lists all new electric cars available in Iceland including the most relevant information, a link to the seller and more detailed info. At /notadir lists used electronic cars available at all used car dealerships in Iceland. That page uses /api/used to get the data, which is stored in a Firebase project.


Run yarn vercel-dev to spin up the project. It uses the config from now.json, installs the required builders and starts serving the routes. It will defer building a route until it is requested — the first load might take some time.

To access /api/used you need to have access to a Firebase project (you can follow this guide to set one up) and have the following keys in your environment (a .env file will be picked up by vercel dev):

  • FIREBASE_PRIVATE_KEY – This key should be a base64 encoded version of the original key


A project on electronic vehicles in Iceland






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