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A project on electronic vehicles in Iceland
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Veldu Rafbíl (Choose EV)

This monorepo contains two projecs. ui/ is a Next project while api/ contains server endpoints. They are both written in Typescript. The project is deployed using Now. The UI is served from /. Files in api/endpoints/<filename> are deployed as lamdas and routed to as /api/<filename>.


  • Node 10.15 or later
  • Yarn
  • Now CLI - yarn add global now

Run now dev to spin up the project. It uses the config from now.json, installs the specified builders and starts serving the routes. It will defer building a route until it is requested – the first load might take some time.

To access the api/used.ts endpoint, you'll need to have access to a Firebase project (you can follow this guide) and have the following keys in your environment (a .env file will be picked up by now dev):

  • FIREBASE_PRIVATE_KEY – This key should be a base64 encoded version of the original key
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