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Deploying Huginn on C9 or Cloud 9

Vikas Gupta edited this page Jan 3, 2017 · 3 revisions

Deploying Huginn on C9 or Cloud 9

1- Create a cloud 9 ( ) rails workspace and enter the following command one by one:

git clone git://
cd huginn/
cp .env.example .env
mysql-ctl start
bundle exec rake db:create
bundle exec rake db:migrate
bundle exec rake db:seed 

bundle exec rake db:seed <-- cannot download sample. NOTE: The example 'SF Weather Agent' will not work until you edit it and put in a free API key from See the Huginn Wiki for more Agent examples!

2- finally, you need to change the port number to $PORT and if still not work then change localhost to $IP in the following config file: .env

3- And kick the app by entering:

bundle exec foreman start

now we see the login page. Good to go


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