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Mini Tutorial for installing huginn on dokku

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Mini-Tutorial for installing huginn on dokku

A docker-powered PaaS that helps you build and manage the lifecycle of applications


Create the app

Let's assume a dokku installation at "". The ssh user is "root".

git clone
cd huginn
ssh -t dokku apps:create huginn
git remote add dokku

Install and link Postgresql

ssh -t dokku plugin:install
ssh -t dokku postgres:create huginn
ssh -t dokku postgres:link huginn huginn

Environment Variables

  • Replace APP_SECRET_TOKEN=your-secret-token with something secret and sane.
  • RAILS_SERVE_STATIC_FILES=true is neccessary so lazy people do not have to create their own nginx configuration.
ssh -t dokku config:set huginn DATABASE_ADAPTER=postgresql
ssh -t dokku config:set huginn PROCFILE_PATH=deployment/heroku/Procfile.heroku
ssh -t dokku config:set huginn APP_SECRET_TOKEN=your-secret-token
ssh -t dokku config:set huginn RAILS_ENV=production
ssh -t dokku config:set huginn RAILS_SERVE_STATIC_FILES=true

Deploy the app and migrate the database

  • After deployment huginn needs some time to "boot". Give it 30 seconds after deployment finishes before filing a complaint.
git push dokku master
ssh -t dokku run huginn bundle exec rake db:migrate
ssh -t dokku run huginn bundle exec rake db:seed
ssh -t dokku ps:restart huginn
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