🐦 Add real-time stats to your Twitter bio
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🐦 TwitStats

license deps

Add real-time stats to your Twitter bio.

📦 Installation

You will need to install git from git-scm.com.

Next, install Node.js from here (This project requires the latest current version, LTS support isn't guaranteed).

Once you're done, you can install TwitStats by cloning this repo and installing the dependencies:

git clone https://github.com/hugmanrique/TwitStats.git

cd TwitStats

# with npm (use this if you aren't sure)
npm i

# with yarn

📐 Configuration

Twitter setup

Open up the new created directory and open the config.json file. We will need to create a Twitter API app by clicking 'Create New App' on apps.twitter.com.

Set a name, an URL (could be your Twitter URL/Youtube channel) and a description. Next, go to the 'Keys and Access Tokens' tab and copy the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret into the config.json file.

Finally, scroll down and click on 'Create my access token'. Then, copy the Access Token and the Access Token Secret into the config file.

Having problems? Check out the official Twitter guide on application owner access tokens.

Basic config values

Prop Type Default Description
description {String} Your Twitter bio goes here. Subs: %ytSubs% The description with variables that will be replaced.
debug {Boolean} true Whether to print additional info to the console.
interval {Number} 60000 The variable update interval in milliseconds. A low value isn't recommended as you will get rate limited.


TwitStats is based on modules which you can enable individually, here's the instructions on how to setup each one of them:


YouTube requires an API key to access the Data API v3. In order to get one, first access the Google Developers Console and create a project. Specify a name, then select the newly created project on the topbar. Next, go to the 'API and Services' app by pressing the Hamburger menu on top. Click on YouTube Data API and enable it.

Next, we will need to get the API key. Expand the left sidebar and click on 'Credentials', click on 'Create Credentials' and then on 'API key'. Copy the key into the clipboard and paste it in the config.json. Optionally, you can click on 'Restrict key' and enable IP based access to the APIs (I recommend this).

In order to get your Channel ID, you need to access youtube.com/account_advanced and then copy the 'YouTube Channel ID'.

Variable Type Description
ytSubs {Number} Number of subscribers your channel has.
ytViews {Number} Total sum of views of all your videos.
ytComments {Number} Total sum of all comments left on all your videos.
ytVideos {Number} Number of videos uploaded to your channel.

Minecraft Server Ping

Gets basic Minecraft server information by pinging the server. TwitStats uses mc-ping-updated on the back, so it supports Protocol >= 47.

You will need to set the address to the hostname or IP, the port and the timeout (time to wait for a failed ping) which defaults to 3 seconds.

Variable Type Description
mcPlayers {Number} Online player count of the server.
mcMax {Number} Total capacity this server has.
mcMotd {String} MOTD of the server (includes color codes, avoid using this variable)
mcVersion {String} Fancy version code (1.x.x) this server is running.


Twitch requires a valid registered API application. To create one, head to dev.twitch.tv/dashboard/apps and register a new application (if it's your first time on dev.twitch.tv, you will be asked to authorize access to your account). Set the app's name to TwitStats and the URL to http://localhost. Once the app is created, copy the Client ID into the config file and click on New Secret. Then, copy the client secret into the config too.

The process of getting your own Channel ID is more complicated. First, load up your channel page (https://twitch.tv/<username>), next, right click on your profile picture and then click on Inspect element. A window will open with an <img> tag highlighted. Move up to the element parent and check the data-id attribute. Here's an example:

Chrome developer tools element inspector

In this case, the channel ID would be 44322889.

Once you have it, paste it into your config file.

Variable Type Description
twitchFollows {Number} Number of follows this channel has.
twitchViews {Number} Total number of views of this channel.
twitchGame {String} Currently playing game set by the channel's owner.

🏓 Initialization

In order to start up TwitStats, create a screen or tmux session (I recommend checking out the DigitalOcean's tutorial on how to install screen) with screen -S twitstats.

Next, cd into the directory which contains TwitStats and then run node src/index or npm start. You're all set!

You can now exit the screen by pressing Ctrl + A + D. You can access it back by using screen -x twitstats.

💯 Features

Awesome performance

The script uses little RAM and CPU so it can be run on any VPS/dedi. You won't even notice it's running!

Flexible configuration

Only enable the modules you need, why bother pinging APIs that you aren't going to use?

📖 License

TwitStats is licensed under the MIT License.