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Tutorial Create apis Django REST Framework 3 Python Brazil 11

Setting up a new environment

virtualenv env

source env/bin/activate

pip install django

pip install djangorestframework

pip install django-filter

pip install drf-nested-routers

Step-0 Project initial


  • rest_framework
  • favorite

Step-1 Serializer

  • create model Favorite
  • create FavoriteSerializer

Step-2 ModelSerializer

  • create ModelSerializer
  • create list favorite view
  • create detail favorite view
  • create urls favorite
  • includes urls in tutorial

Step-3 using @api_view

  • using api_view decorator

Step-4 using format suffixes

  • add format_suffix_patterns

Step-5 Rewriting our API using class based views

  • create FavoriteList
  • create FavoriteDetail
  • change

Step-6 Using Mixins

  • change FavoriteList
  • change FavoriteDetail

Step-7 Using generic class based views

  • change FavoriteList
  • change FavoriteDetail

Step-8 Authentication & Permissions

  • add field owner in model
  • add permissions IsOwnerOrReadOnly
  • add field owner in FavoriteSerializer
  • add UserSerializer
  • change favorite/
  • add UserList and UserDetail
  • add permission_classes in FavoriteList and FavoriteDetail
  • add method perform_create
  • change tutorial/

Step-9 Relationships & Hyperlinked APIs

  • creating an endpoint for the root of our API
  • hyperlinking our API
  • URL patterns are named

Step-10 ViewSets

  • refactoring to use ViewSets
  • binding ViewSets to URLs explicitly

Step-11 Routers

  • using Routers

Step-12 Use sub-resources for relations

  • change serializer
  • change favorite/
  • change views

Step-13 Provide filtering, sorting, field selection and paging for collections

  • change serializer
  • change views

Best Practices

  1. Use nouns but no verbs

  2. GET method and query parameters should not alter the state

  3. Use plural nouns

  4. Use sub-resources for relations

  5. Use HTTP headers for serialization formats

  6. Use HATEOAS

  7. Provide filtering, sorting, field selection and paging for collections

  8. Version your API

  9. Handle Errors with HTTP status codes

  10. Allow overriding HTTP method

10 Best Practices for Better RESTful API

Two links I found super useful:



The first is the main API providers: Facebook, Instagran, Twitter, Google ...

Facebook example:

Clicking on facebook provider, takes you to a kind of simple documentation, which is listed all the features of the Facebook API.

Resources Facebook

Click any of the resources takes you to a console where you can do testing.

Console Facebook

In this console there is a dropdown where it listed all the APIs provided in this site.

The second is a kind of journal of APIs.


Tutorial Create apis Django REST Framework 3 Python Brazil 11



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