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Job Hunt Assistant

Build Status

Job Hunt Assistant is a webapp built to help with the search for a new job by providing new and quick ways to glance at the relevant information and take the necessary actions.


  • Dashboard that shows the relevant information and statistics about the job hunting effort, providing a quick overview of where you stand.

  • Kanban view of current tracked opportunities, allowing quick updates on the status of each lead.

  • Company info with ratings and maps, which are both automatically shown, and a list of technologies used at the company to help chosing the right place for you.


Demo app live at Heroku (might take a while to start for the first time).

Technical Specifications

  • Ruby 2.6.1
  • Rails 6.0.0.beta1
  • Bootstrap 4
  • RSpec 3
  • Devise
  • Capistrano (deploy on test Vagrant box with Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS)


  1. Download
  2. Run bundle
  3. Start Postgres server
  4. Run rails db:migrate
  5. (OPTIONAL) Seed the database with rails db:seed
  6. Start the server with rails s
  7. Access the application at http://localhost:3000


To test, run bundle exec rspec on the root directory.

Code coverage can be seen by opening coverage/index.html that is generated after a run of all the specs at least once.

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