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(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(unless (find-package :cl-blog-generator-system)
(defpackage #:cl-blog-generator-system
(:documentation "ASDF System package for Tiamat systems.")
(:use :common-lisp :asdf))))
(in-package #:cl-blog-generator-system)
(defsystem #:cl-blog-generator
:name "cl-blog-generator"
:author "Hugo Duncan <>"
:version "0.1"
:maintainer "Hugo Duncan <>"
:licence "BSD Open Source"
:description "A generator for blog sites."
:depends-on (:cxml :cl-fad :local-time :flexi-streams :mel-base :cl-ppcre :babel)
((:module "src"
((:file "package" )
(:file "configure" :depends-on ("package"))
(:file "post" :depends-on ("package" "configure"))
(:file "comment-mail" :depends-on ("post"))))))
(defsystem #:cl-blog-generator-test
:name "cl-blog-generator-test"
:author "Hugo Duncan <>"
:licence "BSD Open Source"
:depends-on (#:cl-blog-generator #:stefil)
((:module "test"
((:file "package")
(:file "post" :depends-on ("package"))))))
(defmethod asdf:perform ((op asdf:test-op) (system (eql (find-system '#:cl-blog-generator))))
(declare (ignore op system))
(asdf:operate 'load-op :cl-blog-generator-test)
(in-package #:cl-blog-generator-test)
(declaim (optimize (debug 3)))
(warn "(declaim (optimize (debug 3))) was issued to help later C-c C-c'ing")
(eval (read-from-string "(stefil:funcall-test-with-feedback-message 'cl-blog-generator-test::test)"))
(defmethod operation-done-p ((op test-op) (system (eql (find-system '#:cl-blog-generator))))
(declare (ignore op system))
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