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;;;; Comment mail processor
;;; Process incoming comments from a mailbox
(in-package #:cl-blog-generator)
(defvar *unmoderated* nil)
(defvar *mailbox-type* nil)
(defvar *mailbox-args* nil)
;;; Top level moderate function
(defun moderate ()
;;;# Process Mailbox
;;; Processes all incoming comments
(defun process-mailbox ()
"Process each mail in the inbox"
(mapc #'process-message (mel:messages (open-mailbox)))
(values nil))
;;; Open the configured mailbox
(defun open-mailbox ()
"Open the configured mailbox"
(let ((fun (ecase *mailbox-type*
(:imap #'mel.folders.imap:make-imap-folder))))
(apply fun *mailbox-args*)))
;;; Process a single comment message
(defun process-message (message)
"Process a comment message"
(flet ((field (name)
(string-left-trim '(#\Space) (mel:field name message))))
(let ((name (field :x-blogen-name))
(id (field :x-blogen-id))
(mail (field :x-blogen-mail))
(ip (field :x-blogen-ip-address))
(uri (field :x-blogen-uri))
(when (local-time:parse-rfc3339-timestring
(field :x-blogen-when)))
(text (with-output-to-string (out)
(with-open-stream (stream (mel:message-body-stream message))
(loop for c = (read-char stream nil nil)
while c do (write-char c out))))))
(if id
(if (or *unmoderated* (moderate-message id ip name mail uri when text))
(add-comment id ip name mail uri (local-time:timestamp-to-universal when) text)))))
(delete-offending-message () nil))
(mel:delete-message message))
;;; Moderate a message
(defun moderate-message (id ip name mail uri when text)
"Moderate a message"
t "date: ~A~%id: ~A~%name: ~A~%mail: ~A~%uri: ~A~%ip: ~A~%Text:~%~A~%~%~%Enter with no content to post, anything to delete."
(local-time:format-rfc3339-timestring t when) id name mail uri ip text)
(let ((l (read-line)))
(zerop (length l))))