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;;;# Configuration environments
;;; Create the ability to switch between test, production, etc, environments.
;;; You are not required to use this; feel free to set the configuration
;;; variables by any means you see fit.
(in-package #:cl-blog-generator)
(defvar *environments* nil "Registered environments")
(defun set-environment (environment parameters)
"Assign the configuration of an environment. This does not make the
environment active."
(let ((existing (assoc environment *environments*)))
(if existing
(setf (cdr existing) parameters)
(setf *environments* (acons environment parameters *environments*))))
(values nil))
(defun configure (environment)
"Activate an environment."
(flet ((symbol-for-key (key)
(find-symbol (format nil "*~A*" (symbol-name key))
(let ((alist-cons (assoc environment *environments*)))
(unless alist-cons
(error "Request for unknown configuration environment ~A" environment))
(setf *blog* nil)
(setf *index-page* nil)
(loop for item in (cdr alist-cons)
for key = (car item)
for symbol = (symbol-for-key key)
(unless symbol
(error "Unknown configuration key ~A" key))
(setf (symbol-value symbol) (cdr item))))))