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Thin library to build RESTful applications on top of compojure

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Compojure-rest is a thin layer for building RESTful applications on top of compojure. It is loosely modeled after webmachine. It provides a bunch of decorates which can be combined to provide a sophisticated implementation of the HTTP RFC.

Compojure-rest is still in active development and must be considered an incomplete ALPHA release

Sample Code

A small example web application as in test.clj

(ns test
  (:use compojure)
  (:use compojure-rest))

(defn hello-resource [request]
  ((-> (method-not-allowed)
       (wrap-generate-body (fn [r] (str "Hello " ((request :params) :who "stranger"))))
       (wrap-etag (comp :who :params))
       (wrap-expiry (constantly 10000)) 
       (wrap-last-modified -1000)
       (wrap-exists (comp not #(some #{%} ["cat"]) :who :params))
       (wrap-auth (comp not #(some #{%} ["evil"]) :who :params))
       (wrap-allow (comp not #(some #{%} ["scott"]) :who :params)))

(defroutes my-app
  (ANY "/hello/:who" hello-resource)
  (GET "/simple" (str "simple"))
  (GET "/echo/:foo" (fn [req] {:headers { "Content-Type" "text/plain" } :body (str (dissoc req :servlet-request))}))
  (GET "*" (page-not-found)))

(defn main []
    (defserver test-server {:port 8080} "/*" (servlet my-app))
    (start test-server)))


For compojure-rest you'll need

A pom descriptor is available for your convenience "mvn package" should drop you a fine jar file in target/compojure-rest-VERSION.jar


Compojure-rest is licensed under EPL 1.0 (see file epl-v10.html).

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