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Criterium measures the computation time of an expression. It is designed to address some of the pitfalls of benchmarking, and benchmarking on the JVM in particular.

This includes:

  • statistical processing of multiple evaluations
  • inclusion of a warm-up period, designed to allow the JIT compiler to optimise its code
  • purging of gc before testing, to isolate timings from GC state prior to testing
  • a final forced GC after testing to estimate impact of cleanup on the timing results


The top level interface is in criterium.core.

(use 'criterium.core)

Use bench to run a benchmark in a simple manner.

(bench (Thread/sleep 1000) :verbose)

By default bench is quiet about its progress. Run with-progress-reporting to get progress information on out.

(with-progress-reporting (bench (Thread/sleep 1000) :verbose))

Lower level functions are available.

(report-result (benchmark (Thread/sleep 1000)) :verbose)
(report-result (quick-bench (Thread/sleep 1000)))


API Documentation

See Elliptic Group for a Java benchmarking library. The accompanying article describes many of the JVM benchmarking pitfalls.

See Criterion for a Haskell benchmarking library that applies many of the same statistical techniques.


The library can be installed through Leiningen or through maven.

Alternatively, the source code can be compiled into a jar with leiningen.

lein jar


Serial correlation detection. Multimodal distribution detection. Use kernel density estimators?


Licensed under EPL

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