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(ns leiningen.with-profile
(:require [clojure.string :as string]
[leiningen.core.main :as main]
[leiningen.core.project :as project]
[robert.hooke :as hooke]))
(defn ^:internal with-profiles*
"Apply the given task with a comma-separated profile list."
[project profiles task-name args]
(let [project (and project (project/set-profiles project profiles))
task-name (main/lookup-alias task-name project)]
(main/apply-task task-name project args))))
(defn profiles-in-group
[project profile-group]
(let [profiles (.split profile-group ",")
prefixes (map first profiles)]
(every? #{\+ \-} prefixes)
(fn [result profile]
(if (= \+ (first profile))
(concat result [(keyword (subs profile 1))])
(remove #(= (keyword (subs profile 1)) %) result)))
(:active-profiles (meta project))
(not-any? #{\+ \-} prefixes)
(map keyword profiles)
"Profiles in with-profile must either all be qualified, or none qualified"
{:exit-code 1})))))
(defn ^:no-project-needed ^:higher-order with-profile
"Apply the given task with the profile(s) specified.
Comma-separated profiles may be given to merge profiles and perform the task.
Colon-separated profiles may be given for sequential profile task application.
A profile list may either be a list of profiles to use, or may specify the
profiles to add or remove from the active profile list using + or - prefixes.
For example:
lein with-profile user,dev test
lein with-profile -dev test
lein with-profile +1.4:+1.4,-dev:base,user test
To list all profiles or show a single one, see the show-profiles task.
For a detailed description of profiles, see `lein help profiles`."
[project profiles task-name & args]
(let [profile-groups (seq (.split profiles ":"))
failures (atom 0)]
(doseq [profiles (map (partial profiles-in-group project) profile-groups)]
(main/info (format "Performing task '%s' with profile(s): '%s'"
task-name (string/join "," (map name profiles))))
(binding [main/*exit-process?* false]
(with-profiles* project profiles task-name args)
(catch Exception e
"Error encountered performing task '%s' with profile(s): '%s'"
task-name (string/join "," (map name profiles))))
(if (and (:exit-code (ex-data e)) (not main/*debug*))
(main/info (.getMessage e))
(.printStackTrace e))
(swap! failures inc)))))
(when (pos? @failures)
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