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Hugo In Action

Code Sections

The branches in this repository correspond to the sections of Hugo In Action. Each chapter also has a branch with all the resource files that can used to build the Acme Corporation website following the steps as discussed in the book.

Branch / Code Section Book Section Changes URL Delta
Chapter 2 Resources
chapter-02-01 2.1 Create Website skeleton N/A N/A
chapter-02-02 2.2 Added theme - Eclectic chapter-02-01..chapter-02-02
chapter-02-03 2.3.1 Add configuration to the website chapter-02-02..chapter-02-03
chapter-02-04 2.3.3 Added content - index, about, contact, privacy and terms of use page for the website. chapter-02-03..chapter-02-04
chapter-02-05 2.6 Update to theme universal. chapter-02-04..chapter-02-05
Chapter 3 Resources
chapter-03-01 3.1.2 Added block formatting (and first version of chapter-02-05..chapter-03-01
chapter-03-02 3.1.3 Added inline formatting & updates to the privacy policy page chapter-03-01..chapter-03-02
chapter-03-03 3.2 Added HTML characters, tables, task lists, code blocks and definition lists chapter-03-02..chapter-03-03
chapter-03-04 3.6.1 Add YAML metadata. chapter-03-03..chapter-03-04
chapter-03-05 3.6.2 Add data-driven example. chapter-03-04..chapter-03-05
chapter-03-06 3.7 Test out Universal. chapter-03-05..chapter-03-06
Chapter 4 Resources
chapter-04-01 4.1 Split config file. chapter-03-06..chapter-04-01
chapter-04-02 4.2.1 Added blog entries. chapter-04-01..chapter-04-02
chapter-04-03 4.2.2 Adding menu entries. chapter-04-02..chapter-04-03
chapter-04-04 4.3.1 Adding page bundles. chapter-04-03..chapter-04-04
chapter-04-05 4.3.2 Adding branch bundles. chapter-04-04..chapter-04-05
chapter-04-06 4.3.3 Added cover images. chapter-04-05..chapter-04-06
chapter-04-07 4.4 Adding tags and categories to various blog posts. chapter-04-06..chapter-04-07
chapter-04-08 4.4 Add index page for categories and for the design category. chapter-04-07..chapter-04-08
chapter-04-09 4.4 Update taxonomy and convert manufacturing process to a series. chapter-04-08..chapter-04-09
chapter-04-10 4.5 Add youtube video chapter-04-09..chapter-04-10
chapter-04-11 4.6.1 Add divider shortcode chapter-04-10..chapter-04-11
chapter-04-12 4.6.2 Use shared shortcode productInfo. chapter-04-11..chapter-04-12
Chapter 5 Resources
chapter-05-01 5.1.1 Using variables to access content. chapter-04-12..chapter-05-01
chapter-05-02 5.1.2 Use 'if' checks for existence. chapter-05-01..chapter-05-02
chapter-05-03 5.1.3 Falling back to the website title. chapter-05-02..chapter-05-03
chapter-05-04 5.1.4 Using variables. chapter-05-03..chapter-05-04
chapter-05-05 5.1.5 Using defaults and $.Param. chapter-05-04..chapter-05-05
chapter-05-06 5.1.6 Using the 'with' conditional. Add footer chapter-05-05..chapter-05-06
chapter-05-07 5.1.7 Use humanize and markdownify functions chapter-05-06..chapter-05-07
chapter-05-08 5.1.8 Adding markdown content to the index page. chapter-05-07..chapter-05-08
chapter-05-09 5.2.1 Remove hard coded links and add menus as a section, header and footer chapter-05-08..chapter-05-09
chapter-05-10 5.2.2 Added a list of recent blog posts to the home page. chapter-05-09..chapter-05-10
chapter-05-11 5.3.1 Added testimonials based on front matter. chapter-05-10..chapter-05-11
chapter-05-12 5.3.2 Rendering and allowing data from tables. chapter-05-11..chapter-05-12
chapter-05-13 5.4.1 Added price shortcode. chapter-05-12..chapter-05-13
chapter-05-14 5.4.2 Added repeat shortcode. chapter-05-13..chapter-05-14
chapter-05-15 5.4.3 Added archetypes chapter-05-14..chapter-05-15
Chapter 6 Resources
chapter-06-01 6.1.1 New Content type - modern. chapter-05-15..chapter-06-01
chapter-06-02 6.1.3 Add baseof.html and split out the base template with default implementation. chapter-06-01..chapter-06-02
chapter-06-03 6.1.4 Moving terms of use to modern type. chapter-06-02..chapter-06-03
chapter-06-04 6.1.4 Moving the footer/main menu to the base template. chapter-06-03..chapter-06-04
chapter-06-05 6.2.1 Render footer menu using partials in the footer and intro sections. chapter-06-04..chapter-06-05
chapter-06-06 6.2.2 Reduce the scope of the context variable to the menu partial chapter-06-05..chapter-06-06
chapter-06-07 6.2.2 Reuse the partial for the header menu. chapter-06-06..chapter-06-07
chapter-06-08 6.2.3 Render submenus. chapter-06-07..chapter-06-08
chapter-06-09 6.2.4 Move the privacy policy to modern. chapter-06-08..chapter-06-09
chapter-06-10 6.2.4 Enable partialCached with excessive caching(broken). chapter-06-09..chapter-06-10
chapter-06-11 6.2.4 Add additional arguments to fix partialCached. chapter-06-10..chapter-06-11
chapter-06-12 6.2.5 Move shortcode to partialCached to speed up. chapter-06-11..chapter-06-12
chapter-06-13 6.3.1 Move index.css to the assets folder. chapter-06-12..chapter-06-13
chapter-06-14 6.3.1 Use SCSS compilation for index.(s)css. chapter-06-13..chapter-06-14
chapter-06-15 6.3.1 Using color from the parameters. chapter-06-14..chapter-06-15
chapter-06-16 6.3.1 Changing the theme color. chapter-06-15..chapter-06-16
chapter-06-17 6.3.1 Use resources.concat to merge multiple resources. chapter-06-16..chapter-06-17
chapter-06-18 6.3.1 Add hero image for home page. chapter-06-17..chapter-06-18
chapter-06-19 6.3.2 Add cover images for blog posts. chapter-06-18..chapter-06-19
chapter-06-20 6.3.2 Image resizing for optimized loading chapter-06-19..chapter-06-20
chapter-06-21 6.3.2 Dynamically recolor the favicon. chapter-06-20..chapter-06-21
chapter-06-22 6.3.2 Create card layout for the company products. chapter-06-21..chapter-06-22
chapter-06-23 6.5.0 Add metadata via internal templates. chapter-06-22..chapter-06-23
chapter-06-24 6.5.0 Using '.TableOfContents' method to fill table of contents. chapter-06-23..chapter-06-24
Chapter 7 Resources
chapter-07-01 7.1.2 Change the CSS class of the news section using the path check. chapter-06-24..chapter-07-01
chapter-07-02 7.1.4 Adding blog layout and overriding the blog section with this new layout. chapter-07-01..chapter-07-02
chapter-07-03 7.1.5 Added configuration for related pages provided by Hugo. chapter-07-02..chapter-07-03
chapter-07-04 7.2.1 Provide the index page template 'list.html' to blog/community pages. chapter-07-03..chapter-07-04
chapter-07-05 7.2.2 Support Pagination in the index/list pages chapter-07-04..chapter-07-05
chapter-07-06 7.2.4 Listing subsection content on the index page chapter-07-05..chapter-07-06
chapter-07-07 7.2.4 Temporarily switch the index to list layout by removing the index template chapter-07-06..chapter-07-07
chapter-07-08 7.3 Move category taxonomy to content type Acme. chapter-07-07..chapter-07-08
chapter-07-09 7.3.1 Added terms.html. chapter-07-08..chapter-07-09
chapter-07-10 7.3.2 Added the taxonomy layout chapter-07-09..chapter-07-10
chapter-07-11 7.4.1 Moving all pages to content type modern. chapter-07-10..chapter-07-11
chapter-07-12 7.4.1 Creating a new theme named Acme chapter-07-11..chapter-07-12
chapter-07-13 7.4.2 Change the content type to default. chapter-07-12..chapter-07-13
chapter-07-14 7.4.2 Cleanup the theme and move blogs from layouts to a new content type. chapter-07-13..chapter-07-14
chapter-07-15 7.4.3 Provide placeholder resources for the theme to become independent. chapter-07-14..chapter-07-15
chapter-07-16 7.4.3 Testing the theme with chapter 4 content chapter-07-15..chapter-07-16
chapter-07-17 7.4.3 Revert the chapter 4 content test. chapter-07-16..chapter-07-17
chapter-07-18 7.5 Adding a content view for news and blog sections. chapter-07-17..chapter-07-18
Chapter 8 Resources
chapter-08-01 8.3 Added theme Eclectic via Hugo Modules. chapter-07-18..chapter-08-01
chapter-08-02 8.4 Move shortcodes into website for theme portability and enable theme Universal. chapter-08-01..chapter-08-02
chapter-08-03 8.5 Using a specific version of a module (and moving to theme Acme) chapter-08-02..chapter-08-03
chapter-08-04 8.6 Creating a vendor folder. chapter-08-03..chapter-08-04
chapter-08-05 8.7 Using the replace directive for local development. chapter-08-04..chapter-08-05
chapter-08-06 8.8 Add a dependency on the AcmeSupport repository. chapter-08-05..chapter-08-06
chapter-08-07 8.9 Using hugo debug utils plugin. chapter-08-06..chapter-08-07
chapter-08-08 8.10 Moving shared code between the theme and the website to AcmeCommon chapter-08-07..chapter-08-08
chapter-08-09 8.11 Using Hugo Modules for terms of use and privacy policy pages as content plugins. chapter-08-08..chapter-08-09
chapter-08-10 8.12 Running hugo mod tidy chapter-08-09..chapter-08-10
Chapter 9 Resources
chapter-09-01 9.2.3 Embedding tweet using the twitter OEmbed API and getJSON in Hugo chapter-08-10..chapter-09-01
chapter-09-02 9.2.4 Providing cache lifetime to the tweet. chapter-09-01..chapter-09-02
chapter-09-03 9.3.1 Creating a HTML form for the contact us page. chapter-09-02..chapter-09-03
chapter-09-04 9.4.3 Enable Netlify forms chapter-09-03..chapter-09-04
chapter-09-05 9.4.3 Use Formspree for contact us forms chapter-09-04..chapter-09-05
chapter-09-06 9.5 Create dynamic surveys in Hugo chapter-09-05..chapter-09-06
chapter-09-07 9.6.1 Creating a comment form with support for disabling commenting. chapter-09-06..chapter-09-07
chapter-09-08 9.6.2 Rendering past comments by fetching them from the forms service. chapter-09-07..chapter-09-08
chapter-09-09 9.7 Generating Pseudo APIs via custom output formats in Hugo. chapter-09-08..chapter-09-09
Chapter 10 Resources
chapter-10-01 10.2 Doing form submission via JavaScript. chapter-09-09..chapter-10-01
chapter-10-02 10.4.1 Controlling the content shown via the JS code within the HTML template. chapter-10-01..chapter-10-02
chapter-10-03 10.4.2 Splitting the JavaScript code into multiple modules chapter-10-02..chapter-10-03
chapter-10-04 10.4.3 Compile time variables to control flow of the program chapter-10-03..chapter-10-04
chapter-10-05 10.5.3 Showing a search button and loading website data using JavaScript chapter-10-04..chapter-10-05
chapter-10-06 10.5.6 Installing and using Fuse.js for fuzzy search. chapter-10-05..chapter-10-06
chapter-10-07 10.5.7 Properly showing search results. chapter-10-06..chapter-10-07
chapter-10-08 10.5.8 Using Hugo modules with js.Build. chapter-10-07..chapter-10-08
chapter-10-09 10.6 Embedding EasyLogic Editor into the website. chapter-10-08..chapter-10-09
Chapter 11 Resources
chapter-11-01 11.2.7 Creating a function for LaTeX to SVG conversion chapter-10-09..chapter-11-01
chapter-11-02 11.2.10 Render LaTeX based equation during compilation on the Acme Corporation website. chapter-11-01..chapter-11-02
chapter-11-03 11.3.2 Creating a function to trigger Netlify rebuilds on comment submission. chapter-11-02..chapter-11-03
chapter-11-04 11.3.6 Triggering automatic rebuilds from Netlify forms and Formspree comment submissions chapter-11-03..chapter-11-04
chapter-11-05 11.3.7 Using JavaScript to show the comment submission inline to make the perceived performance instantaneous. chapter-11-04..chapter-11-05
Chapter 12 Resources
chapter-12-01 12.1.1 Creating content view for store pages. chapter-11-05..chapter-12-01
chapter-12-02 12.1.2 Creating a simple template for the store pages. chapter-12-01..chapter-12-02
chapter-12-03 12.2 Added shopping cart via JavaScript. chapter-12-02..chapter-12-03
chapter-12-04 12.3.2 Added checkout support. chapter-12-03..chapter-12-04
chapter-12-05 12.3.4 Enable success screen and buy now. chapter-12-04..chapter-12-05
chapter-12-06 12.4 Enable email based fulfillment chapter-12-05..chapter-12-06
Chapter 13 Resources
chapter-13-01 13.1.1 Adding another language to our website. chapter-12-06..chapter-13-01
chapter-13-02 13.1.1 Adding a different image for localized content. chapter-13-01..chapter-13-02
chapter-13-03 13.1.1 Moving french content to a different directory. chapter-13-02..chapter-13-03
chapter-13-04 13.1.1 Added string translation and linking to translate pages in the footer. chapter-13-03..chapter-13-04
chapter-13-05 13.1.2 Add sitemap.xml and robots.txt(disabled) templates. chapter-13-04..chapter-13-05
chapter-13-06 13.1.3 Adding a minimally styled plain format for the website. chapter-13-05..chapter-13-06
chapter-13-07 13.2.1 Support going offline by creating a progressive web app. chapter-13-06..chapter-13-07
chapter-13-08 13.2.2 Added instant page to prefetch links. chapter-13-07..chapter-13-08
chapter-13-09 13.2.3 Added Turbo to make better page transitions. chapter-13-08..chapter-13-09


July 6, 2022 - Fixed some bugs around search results clickability and keyboard handling in chapter 10.

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