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Todo-txt + Rofi =

Handle your todo-txt tasks directly from Rofi screenshot


  • Mark as done
  • Create, Edit, Delete
  • Edit priority, remove priority
  • Apply persistent filters
  • Filter from context / project
  • Run command like archive, deduplicate or report
  • Can apply filter from argument
  • Context / Project / Tag / Due highlighting (via Pango markup)


  • rofi
  • todo-txt

On Debian based system

sudo apt install rofi todo-txt


Copy where you want.

Use it

Just run /your/path/

With i3wm, you can bind like this bindsym $mod+t exec /path/to/

Try --help if you want to customize.


If you want to override configuration, do not edit directly the script, you can do that by:

  • Add configuration in ${HOME}/.config/todofish.conf ( tries to source this file when it starts)
  • Open by specify a configuration file with the -c argument (exemple: -c /path/to/todofish.conf)

Because the configuration file is loaded last, you can overwrite any configuration variable.

So if you want to add arguments to Rofi, you can do so with the content of the following configuration file:

ROFI_BIN="$(command -v rofi) -theme /usr/share/rofi/themes/fancy.rasi"