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Pygments lexer for Ruby + RSpec
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Pygments RSpec

This is an extension of Ruby lexer that just add some keywords used on RSpec, including some keywords used with Capybara too.


Using PyPI and pip

$ (sudo) pip install pygments-rspec


$ git clone git://
$ cd pygments-rspec
$ (sudo) python install


Just use the rspec "language".

Using in LaTeX documents

See the minted package at

Extra information

Pygments supported languages

Pygments at the moment supports over 150 different programming languages, template languages and other markup languages. To see an exhaustive list of the currently supported languages, use the command:

$ pygmentize -L lexers

Pygments styles avaible

To get a list of all available stylesheets, execute the following command on the command line:

$ pygmentize -L styles

Please read the official documentation for further information on the usage of pygment styles.

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