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Fetch a remote card file and displaying it tastefully.
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bateman is an extension of npm cards, which allows you to remotely fetch a card.json file and display it prettily as a npm card.

Example of `bateman` running `bateman` within Hyper


To use bateman with npx. The <url> must be a website HTTPS which has a file located at the path <url>/card.json.

npx bateman <url>

To install bateman globally, you can use the following command:

npm i -g bateman

Once installed globally, then you can use bateman to call a URL that has published a card.json. This URL must be HTTPS.

bateman <url>

Publishing a card.json

bateman expects a card.json file. If you want to have your own card, you'll have to publish such a file on a website. Note that bateman is not particularly strict about where cards are published, but it is opinionated on how they are published. Some details:

  • Cards must be published to websites that use HTTPS.
  • Card files must be called card.json.
  • The fetched card.json file must return a 200 OK HTTP response.
    • tl;dr you can't mask your card.json with an HTTP redirect.

Here's the structure of a card.json file:

  • name String (required) - Your name
  • handle String (required) - Your preferred online handle
  • website String (required) - Your website
  • pronouns String (required) - Your pronouns
  • work Object (optional) - An object that holds some metadata about your work
    • title String (optional) - Your title at your work
    • company String (optional) - The company you work at
  • code Object (optional) - Some links that specifically refer to code-focused websites
    • npm String (optional) - Link to your account on npm
    • github String (optional) - Link to your account on GitHub
  • social Object (optional) - Links to your social Media
    • twitter String (optional) - Link to your Twitter account
    • instagram String (optional) - Link to your Instagram account
    • snapchat String (optional) - Link to your Snapchat account
    • facebook String (optional) - Link to your Facebook account
    • twitch String (optional) - Link to your Twitch account
    • tiktok String (optional) - Link to your TikTok account
    • tumblr String (optional) - Link to your Tumblr account
    • spotify String (optional) - Link to your Sptofiy account
    • youtube String (optional) - Link to your YouTube account
    • vimeo String (optional) - Link to your Vimeo account
    • linkedin String (optional) - Link to your LinkedIn account
  • proofs Object (optional) - Things that prove you're you
    • keybase String (optional) - Link to your Keybase account
  • support Object (optional)
    • patreon String (option) - Link to your Patreon
    • githubSponsors String (option) - Link to your GitHub Sponsors page
    • openCollective String (option) - Link to an Open Collective

Here's a minimal example using only required properties:

  "name": "Yours Truly",
  "handle": "yt",
  "website": "",
  "pronouns": "she/her"

Here's an example of a completely filled out card.json:

  "name": "Hiro Protagonist",
  "handle": "protagonist",
  "website": "",
  "pronouns": "he/him",
  "work": {
    "title": "Delivery Advocate",
    "company": "Mafia"
  "code": {
    "npm": "",
    "github": ""
  "social": {
    "twitter": "",
    "instagram": "",
    "snapchat": "",
    "facebook": "",
    "twitch": "",
    "tiktok": "",
    "tumblr": "",
    "spotify": "",
    "youtube": "",
    "vimeo": "",
    "linkedin": ""
  "proofs": {
    "keybase": ""
  "support": {
    "patreon": "",
    "githubSponsors": "",
    "openCollective": ""


Adding New Properties

The current schema is by no means "complete". I'm sure there are a bunch of things that could be added that are relevant to folks outside of the spaces I participate in, or tweaks that could be made to imrpove the existing schema.

If you'd like to contribute an addition, by all means please do. Here's a quick list of things you'll need to do:

  • update helpers/fetch.js with the appropriate changes
  • update helpers/output.js with the appropriate changes
  • update
    • update Publishing a card.json file section
    • update examples
  • update the relevant card.json files in tests/cards/

Contributing Enhancements

Enhancements to the codebase are more than welcome. Adding features would be awesome, as would enhancements to the codebase. If you're looking to add some features, here's some ideas:

  • card.json generator tool, similar to npm init. Perhaps bateman create.
  • card.json validator tool to ensure that a card is valid. This should both accept local paths and remote files. Perhaps it could be bateman validate.
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