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title: NEATsqueak
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%h1 NEATsqueak
%p.question What's NEATsqueak?
= external_link_to 'CiberRato', ''
is a competition about autonomous robotic control purely focused on the software
and algorithmic details. The <strong>NEATsqueak</strong> project aims to develop an approach to
this challenge based on artificial neural networks.
We're developing a series of studies on the use of
= succeed ',' do
= external_link_to 'NEAT', ''
a neuroevolution technique, to optimize several modules of a CiberRato agent.
We've published an article on the 14th Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence, regarding
the optimization of a path following module.
%p.question Who are the people involved?
I'm currently working together with
= succeed ',' do
= external_link_to 'Filipe Castro', '', :rel => 'friend met colleague'
= external_link_to 'João Portela', '', :rel => 'friend met colleague'
= succeed '.' do
= external_link_to 'Rui Teixeira', '', :rel => 'friend met colleague'
%p.question When did this project start?
We started planning and developing this in October, 2008.