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This is a slightly updated version of the open source Prolific PL2303 USB
to Serial driver for Mac.
Users of PL2303 devices on OS X should note that the official driver
(which can be downloaded from Prolific) seems to be rampantly buggy...
Hugo Vincent, 20th October 2010.
Original version at
* Merged the Sourceforge and BitBucket upstreams.
* Renamed from nl.bjaelectronics.driver.PL2303 to net.sourceforge.osx-pl2303 (and
similarly for class names).
* Removed all the PID/VID combos I can't test. Easy to add them back if you
need them (just duplicate one of the current ones in Info.plist). Only
the default (067B/2303) remains.
* Set all the OS version minimums to 10.6 (as I can't test older versions).
* Fixed some bugs that prevented 64-bit builds working. This necessitated
some refactoring due to unspecified pointer/integer size assumptions.
* Fixed or silenced most of the compiler warnings.
* Update distribution packager.
* Add very hackish stubs for power management methods that seem to be required
now (otherwise you get link/undefined symbol errors when loading the kext).
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