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An OpenStreetMap Visualization Toolkit for Python

OSMViz License

OSMViz is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE in this directory.

OpenStreetMap License

Tiles taken from the server have a usage policy as outlined here:

These tiles are (c) OpenStreetMap & contributors, CC-BY-SA. OpenStreetMap: CC-BY-SA:

You can tell OSMViz to use any slippymap server provided tiles that you wish, which may have its own usage policy.


OSMViz is a small set of Python tools for retrieving and using Mapnik tiles from a Slippy Map server (you may know these as OpenStreetMap images).


  • Python 3.4+
  • Pillow and/or Pygame



pip install osmviz

Or just add the src directory to your PYTHONPATH.


See html/doc.html