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using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Reflection;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
namespace CSMongo.Bson {
//Class designed to use an AnonymousType as a template
//for a return value using a BsonObject for a data source
//Really shouldn't be used for anything else since it
//only works with the BsonObjects
internal class BsonAnonymousTypeParser {
#region Constructors
/// <summary>
/// Creates a new parser for the provided information
/// </summary>
public BsonAnonymousTypeParser(BsonObject data) {
this._Data = data;
#region Fields
//houses the information to use
private BsonObject _Data;
#region Parsing
//handles reading a node of anonymous type and
//returns the values for the type - This section
//is heavily commented to try and explain what it
public object ReadType(string parent, object section) {
//create a list of values for the constructor
List<object> values = new List<object>();
//and also get this type so we know how to create a
//new instance using the constructor
Type type = section.GetType();
//start checking each of the properties
foreach (PropertyInfo property in type.GetProperties()) {
//get the path to the value in the document
//but only if this isn't the first set
string path = string.IsNullOrEmpty(parent)
? property.Name
: string.Concat(parent, ".", property.Name);
//get the value to use
object value = property.GetValue(section, null);
//if this is anonymous type, parse it
if (BsonAnonymousTypeParser.IsAnonymousType(value)) {
value = this.ReadType(path, value);
//if it is not, check to see if there is an existing value
else {
//try and get the value to use
value = this._Data.Get(path, value);
//add this to the list of values
//now that our object is created, try and create the instance
//but if it fails just give up and return the template value
try {
return Activator.CreateInstance(type, values.ToArray());
catch {
return section;
#region Static Methods
/// <summary>
/// Attempts to distingusing anonymous types from
/// other object types
/// </summary>
public static bool IsAnonymousType(object value) {
//make sure this has a value
if (value == null) { return false; }
//check if this is anonymous type using the name and
//some values that hint it might be anonymous - This
//could probably be better though if a better way of
//checking for anonymous types becomes available
Type type = value.GetType();
return Regex.IsMatch(type.FullName, "^(<>f__AnonymousType|VB\\$AnonymousType)") &&
type.IsSealed &&
type.IsGenericType &&
/// <summary>
/// Attempts to assign the values of a BsonObject into new Anonymous Type values
/// </summary>
public static T PopulateAnonymousType<T>(BsonObject data, T template) {
return BsonAnonymousTypeParser.PopulateAnonymousType<T>(data, string.Empty, template);
/// <summary>
/// Attempts to assign the values of a BsonObject into new Anonymous Type values
/// </summary>
public static T PopulateAnonymousType<T>(BsonObject data, string parent, T template) {
BsonAnonymousTypeParser parser = new BsonAnonymousTypeParser(data);
return (T)parser.ReadType(parent, template);
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