Extra goodies for GEF: Open repository for unfiltered contributions to the project.
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GEF Extras: more goodies for GEF

Documentation Status

This is an open repository of external scripts and structures to be used by GDB Enhanced Features (GEF). To use those scripts once gef is setup, simply clone this repository and update your GEF settings like this:

How-to use

Run the install script

$ wget -q -O- https://github.com/hugsy/gef/raw/master/scripts/gef-extras.sh | sh

Do it manually

Start with cloning this repo:

$ git clone https://github.com/hugsy/gef-extras

Add the path to the external scripts to GEF's config:

gef➤  gef config gef.extra_plugins_dir /path/to/gef-extras/scripts

And same for the structures (to be used by pcustom command):

gef➤  gef config pcustom.struct_path /path/to/gef-extras/structs

Now run and enjoy all the fun!

Note that it is possible to specify multiple directories, separating the paths with a semi-colon:

gef➤  gef config gef.extra_plugins_dir /path/to/dir1;/path/to/dir2


I can code!

Good for you! This repository is open to anyone, no filtering is done! Simply drop a PR with the command you want to share 😄 And useful scripts will eventually be integrated directly to GEF.

Check out GEF API page to start writing powerful GDB commands using GEF!

I can't code 😩

Well, that's ok! Just create an Issue explaining what cool feature/idea/command you had in mind! Even better, write the documentation (Markdown format) for your command. It'll make easier for people who wants to integrate it!

Enjoy and happy hacking !