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Discord Docs Try GEF

Extra goodies for GEF

This is an open repository of external scripts and structures to be used by GDB Enhanced Features (GEF). To use those scripts once gef is setup, simply clone this repository and update your GEF settings like this:

Get Started

Getting started with GEF-Extras couldn't be easier: make sure you have a working GDB and GEF already installed, then run the following command:

wget -q -O- | sh


Just like GEF, GEF-Extras aims to have and keep to-date a through documentation. Users are recommended to refer to it as it may help them in their attempts to use GEF. In particular, new users should navigate through it (see the FAQ for common installation problems), and the problem persists, try to reach out for help on the Discord channel or submit an issue.

Current status

Documentation License Compatibility CI Tests (main)
Documentation MIT Python 3 CI Test for GEF-Extras


To get involved, refer to the Contribution documentation and the GEF guidelines to start.


Another way to contribute to keeping the project alive is by sponsoring it! Check out the sponsoring documentation for details so you can be part of the list of those awesome sponsors.

Happy Hacking 🍻