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Contributing to GEF


gef is placed under license MIT which provides Open-Source access to the code and its use.

By contributing to gef code through the Pull Requests mechanism, you accept to release the code written by you under the said license.

Submitting a Patch

  1. Fork gef repository (requires GitHub account). Sending a patch from the patch or git diff --patch commands is not accepted.
  2. Write the changes in your local repo.
    • Respect the coding style (same indentation format, explicit names as possible)
    • Comment your code
    • If you add a new feature/GDB command, also write the adequate documentation (in docs/)
  3. Submit a pull request, make sure it is made against the dev branch (not master, which only contains tested and stable features)
  4. The contributors will review your patch. If it is approved, the change will be merged via the GitHub, and you will be seen as contributors. If it needs additional work, the repo owner will respond with useful comments.