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# IDA script to color execution flow from GDB logfile
# @_hugsy_
from idc import *
from idaapi import *
__PLUGIN_NAME__ = "GDBColorExecFlow"
__PLUGIN_DESCRIPTION__ = "Use GDB logfile to colorize execution flow in IDB"
HILIGHT_COLOR = 0x005500
def get_next_eip(fd):
while True:
data = fd.readline()
if len(data) == 0: #EOF
if not data.startswith("0x"):
eip = data.split(" ",1)[0]
eip = int(eip, 0x10)
yield eip
ea = ScreenEA()
srcFileName = GetSourceFile(ea)
logFileName = AskFile(0, "*.*", "Enter path to GDB logfile")
if logFileName is not None:
with open(logFileName, "r") as fd:
print ("[+] Executing '%s'" % __PLUGIN_NAME__)
print ("[+] GDB logfile: %s" % logFileName)
for instr_addr in get_next_eip(fd):
if instr_addr < 0x100000000:
SetColor( instr_addr, CIC_ITEM, HILIGHT_COLOR)