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Toy scripts for playing with WinDbg JS API
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WinDbg JavaScript Scripts

Learning Windows Internals by debugging it...

Using as a WinDbg gallery

  • Clone the repository
C:> git clone
  • In windbg_js_scripts\config.xml, edit the lines Setting Name="LocalCacheRootFolder" to reflect the local path of the repository.

  • In WinDbg, load the config.xml file and save the settings:

0:000> .settings load \path\to\windbg_js_scripts\config.xml
[...]\windbg_js_scripts\config.xml has been loaded successfully.
0:000> .settings save
Settings have been saved.

Every time WinDbg loads, the galleries will be loaded:

kd> dx -r1 Debugger.State.ExtensionGallery.ExtensionRepositories
    [0x1]            : hugsysgallery

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