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One day in 2003 I was backing up my hard drive and thought "gee, what I really need is an archive program that compresses a list of files into individual archives." So I did a search for "batch zip programs" and didn't find anything worthwhile. There were some commercial utilities that sort of did what I wanted (all are out of business now) and couple "free" (ad-laden) ones. So I decided to write my own and roughly 30 days later a program called Debigulator was born.

I was fairly happy with the first version of Debigulator, it worked for me but maybe wasn't great for others. Out of nowhere in 2007 I got the itch to revive Debigulator to make it more user-friendly. This resulted in Debigulator 1.1, it's remarkably similar to the original but a tad simpler to navigate.

One random day in 2014 I decided I hated the user interface and rewrote it in JavaFX. Although it looks much nicer it only runs on Java 8+ so both the original version and this fancy new one are available here.


  • Archives files into individual archives. This is a very handy way to compress your collection of completely legal game ROMs onto your phone's SD card (so I hear).

  • Writes archives in either .zip or .jar format. The JavaFX version also supports GZip and has experimental support for 7zip.

  • Save/load sessions, useful if you want to run the same backup job multiple times.

  • Verify that the contents of archives match original files after creating them.

  • Totally free and open-source with no ads.

Development Status

I occasionally update this when there are major releases of Java. The last update was done for Java 8. I will probably the JavaFX version for Java 10 or 11. The Swing version will likely never be updated again.


Java utility to batch compress files into individual archives.





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