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Python Plugin API for Empyrion - Mostly abandoned.
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Server Plugin
Empyrion Python API.sln

Python API for Empyrion Build Status

The Empyrion Python API provides a python interface designed to react to Empyrion Server Events. It provides the following:

  • Ability to Register Python Function Callbacks for specific in game events.
  • A REST Server capable of triggering python functions events with parameters.
  • A local SQLite Database for storing data through server restarts.

How to install

  1. Checkout from git and build in Visual Studio

  2. Copy 'Empyrion Python API\Config\epaconfig.yaml' to 'Empyrion - Dedicated Server'

  3. Copy contents of 'Empyrion Python API\Scripts' to 'Empyrion - Dedicated Server\Content\Scripts'

  4. Copy contents of 'Empyrion Python API\Server Plugin\Lib' to 'Empyrion - Dedicated Server\Content\Python'

  5. Copy Listed DLLs from 'Empyrion Python API\Server Plugin\bin\Release' to 'Empyrion - Dedicated Server\EmpyrionDedicated_Data\Managed'

  • IronPython.dll
  • IronPython.Modules.dll
  • IronPython.SQLite.dll
  • Microsoft.Dynamic.dll
  • Microsoft.Scripting.AspNet.dll
  • Microsoft.Scripting.Core.dll
  • Microsoft.Scripting.dll
  • Microsoft.Scripting.Metadata.dll
  1. Copy 'Empyrion Python API Server Plugin.dll' from 'Empyrion Python API\Server Plugin\bin\Release' to 'Empyrion - Dedicated Server\Content\Mods\EPA'

  2. Customize 'Empyrion - Dedicated Server\epaconfig.yaml'

  3. Customize 'Empyrion - Dedicated Server\Content\Scripts\'

8 Restart Dedicated Server

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