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Rust Search Extension


The ultimate search extension for Rust

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Search docs, crates, builtin attributes, official books, and error codes, etc in your address bar instantly.



  • Search Primitive Types and Modules
  • Search Structs, Traits and Enums
  • Search Functions, Methods and Macros
  • Search builtin attributes
  • Search nightly and rustc docs
  • Search crates on or
  • Search any third-party crate's docs
  • Search Compiler Error Index with error codes
  • Search Rust official book chapters
  • Search Cargo Clippy lints
  • Search and RFC
  • Offline mode supported, search local Rust docs (rustup docs --std)
  • Builtin commands (:yet, :book, :stable, :label, :tool, :mirror, :update and :history etc)
  • enhancements (display Feature flags, show table of content)
  • Github rust-lang release page enhancements (show table of content)
  • enhancements (link all "since" and "issue" label)
  • Support import/export your local data

How to use it

Input keyword rs in the address bar, press Space to activate the search bar. Then enter any word you want to search, the extension will response the related search results instantly.



jsonnet is required before getting started. To install jsonnet, please check jsonnet's README. For Linux users, the snap is a good choice to install jsonnet.

$ git clone --recursive
Cloning into 'rust-search-extension'...
$ cd rust-search-extension

$ make chrome # For Chrome version

$ make firefox # For Firefox version

$ make edge # For Edge version

Get involved

You can contact us on Discord Channel:



Thanks for the sponsorship from these great companies.