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Releases: huhu/rust-search-extension

Release v1.9.0

20 Nov 14:29
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  • Migrate toΒΒ event to avoid add docs index failure (#206).
  • Support search space-separated keywords.
  • Cache feature flags in session storage.
  • New commands:
    • :rustcΒ - Search rustc codegen options and lints.
    • :targetΒ - Search rust target for three tiers.


  • Add a pagination tip in the last page item.
  • Remove prefix for RFC (??) & Improve docs (#197).
  • Condense attributes and crates index size.
  • Make feature flag's name sticky left.
  • Bugfix:
    • Fix error code regex.
    • Fix incorrect export of stats/history (#203) (#204).
    • fix show features (#209).
    • Fix source code navigate bug. Fix (#212).
    • Fix GitHub release page TOC compatibility (#214).

Thanks for the contributions fromΒ @shwin0901,Β @light4, andΒ @xxchan.

Release v1.8.2

30 Oct 14:20
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  • Fix book index object field (constructor) conflicts bug

Release v1.8.1

18 Aug 02:39
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  • Remove file:///* permission. Fixes (#190).
  • Add Show Macro Railroad options.
  • Use rustwiki Chinese CDN. (#191)

Thanks for the contributions from @PureWhiteWu.

Release v1.8.0

14 Aug 14:52
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  • Support options page. Fixes (#133).
  • Replace 'crate:check' action with API query.
  • Support the new search-index loading, see rust-lang/rust#98124.
  • Add more books into :book command. Thanks .
  • Add :book/zh command to list Chinese books. (#175).
  • Adjust margin of add to extension button (#178).
  • Remove uninstall url. Close (#188).
  • Bugfix:
    • Fix default offlineDocPath undefine bug.
    • Don't load search index in non-rust doc pages
    • Invalid cached crate searcher after crate search index updated or removed.

Thanks for the contributions from @C-Dao, @zjp-CN, and @ZhangHanDong.

Release v1.7.0

05 Jun 16:29
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  • Remove the tabs permission requirement.
  • Migrate localStorage to API (#155, #157, #158).
  • Support update blog command posts index in update page.
  • Bugfix:
    • Fix TOC max-width and padding.
    • Only render .top-doc headings as TOC. Fixes #152.
    • Don't reposition feature flag menu. Fixes #154.
    • Fix search base iterate issue (#159).

Release v1.6.0

02 Mar 04:56
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  • Show optional dependencies in the feature flags menu. Fixes #29.
  • Fix the latest version parsing for crates with hyphens. Thanks for contribution #147 from @rrbutani.

Release v1.5.0

25 Jan 16:27
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  • Support customize default search items in settings. Fixes #141.
  • Add docs outline highlight. Thanks for contribution #140 from @NaturelLee.
  • Bugfix:
    • Fix update label/RFC index bug.
    • Fix add to extension button toggle float issue.
    • Fix crate version parse bug.
    • Fix TOC render and UI

Release v1.4.0

01 Nov 07:45
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  • New commands:
    • :rfc: show all Rust RFC list.
  • Improvements:
    • Error code search supports offline mode.
    • Expand the :stable command result to 100 versions.

What a coincidence! Rust will release v1.87.0 on its 10th anniversary day!

  • Bugfix:
    • Fix TOC overlap issue.
    • Fix weeks, hours, and dates statistics bug.
    • Fix percent statistics NAN bug. fix #125.
    • Fix % books search some invalid urls bug.

Release v1.3.0

30 Jul 13:24
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  • Unify Settings, Statistics into manage pages, additionally, you can also:
    • Manage your all indexed crates.
    • Import/Export your settings, search history, statistics, and crates data.
  • Support offline mode in Windows.
  • Show Table of Content in
  • Improvements:
    • Only keep the latest 100 search histories.
    • Ignore legacy rust std docs, such as v0.12.0.
  • Bugfix:
    • Fix fail to add some crate into the extension issue. Fix #114, #119, #120.

Release v1.2.0

27 Mar 07:41
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  • Support prefix // (double slash) to search rustc crates docs. πŸ‘‰ Learn more.
  • Support search released Rust versions quickly. πŸ‘‰ Learn more.
  • Add source code mode (with src: or with alias s:) to open the source code page directly. πŸ‘‰ Learn more.
  • New commands:
    • :blog: show all Rust release blog posts.
  • Improvements:
    • Add a reminder for Firefox offline mode on the popup page. Fix #94.
    • Add fallback search strategy for @crate search. Fix #96.
    • Only open update page once a day if the auto-update is on. Fix #97.
    • Add more useful tips for the :help command.
    • Compress history's JSON data slightly.
  • Bugfix:
    • Fix the compatibility for the new style of search-index.js format. Fix #106.
    • Fix the compatibility of search-index.js on-demand load mode. See this commit eefa192c.
    • Add validation when auto index std search-index. Fix #99.
    • Fix compatibility issue of the new const-since link in Rust docs page.
    • Fix search statistics bug for data.