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How to setup and start chunkymonkey on an Android device.


Chunkymonkey is written in Go, and it's easy to compile binaries to run in ARM devices. So we can run a minecraft server on an android mobile phone, easily.

Note that this is just for fun. We don't expect that anybody will want to run a serious minecraft server in a mobile device. Performance in a Nexus One is really bad and there are no explicit plans to optimize chunkymonkey for this use case.

Chunkymonkey on Android

  • The messy logs were from nictuku trying to understand minecraft physics using printfs ;-).


  • Android device with USB debugging enabled
  • adb installed on your computer (Android SDK)
  • Android connected to the same wireless network of your client, so you can connect to :<port 25565>.

Initial setup

First, compile Go for ARM.

export GOARCH=arm
cd $GOROOT/src

Compile an ARM binary for chunkymonkey:

cd ~/src/chunkymonkey
make clean ; make server

Ensure your android device is connected via USB and detected by adb.

adb devices

Copy your minecraft map to your android device.

adb push ~/.minecraft/saves/Tonga\ da\ Mironga/ /data/local/minecraft-save

Copy the chunkymonkey data files:

for f in *json;do adb push $f /data/local/bin;done

Run chunkymonkey:

adb shell "cd /data/local/bin ; chmod 700 chunkymonkey; ./chunkymonkey /data/local/minecraft-save/"