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Encore: Posts Recommendation Engine for Bloggers

Encore helps bloggers to promote their blogs by recommended posts with both internal and external links. An internal link points to a post inside the same blog and an external one targets post of other bloggers.

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By sharing links through recommended posts, we believe that we can

  • create high-quality connections between bloggers
  • help readers to discover more interesting posts

How it works

Submit posts

The engine collects posts from submissions. In order to be recommendable, a post must have

  • a permalink
  • a title
  • some tags

Recommendation Algorithm

Two posts are matched when they share at least one tag.

Fetch recommended posts

One can fetch a list of recommended posts by providing post permalink. In addition, we can configure the number of internal and external links to be included in the list.



Download the project either with git clone

git clone

or with zipped archive.

Run with in-memory database

Run the following command to start the server with in-memory database. This is ideal for test purpose. Be aware that when the server restarts, data is lost.

Under windows

cd encore
mvnw.cmd spring-boot:run -Pwith-embedded-mongo

Under Linux/MacOS

cd encore
mvnw spring-boot:run -Pwith-embedded-mongo

Run with docker

The entire stack including REST server and mongodb is dockerized. Run the following command in a host where both docker and docker-compose are installed.

cd encore/bin
./ start


As mentioned above, the engine collects posts from submissions. Here is the list of supported frontend

Open Source

To increase the visiblity and build trust among bloggers and readers, the engine is open sourced.