Hexo blogroll plugin to show latest articles of your favorite blogs
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Hexo Blogroll

Comparing to traditional blogroll, this plugin fetches latest articles from blog feed and sorts blogs by the latest update date.

Live Preview

Get started

1. Install plugin

npm install hexo-blogroll --save

2. Create Blogroll Data

Create a blogroll.json file and put it into source/_data

    "blogs": [
            "title": "Another blog",
            "feed": "https://another.blog/feed"
            "title": "Yet another blog",
            "feed": "https://yet.another.blog./feed"

3. Create Blogroll Page

Create a hexo page and insert the blogroll tag as follows. 5 means for each blog, only the 5 latest posts are displayed.

title: Blogroll

Latest artciles of my favorite blogs updated by [hexo-blogroll](https://github.com/huiwang/hexo-blogroll)

{% blogroll 5 %}