A crossplatform ProTracker clone with an Impulse Tracker-style interface
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Propulse Tracker

A crossplatform tracker for making Amiga ProTracker compatible tracker modules using an Impulse/Schism Tracker style user interface.

Currently tested to build and run on Windows, Linux and macOS.


  • Super accurate playback engine based on work by 8bitbubsy (itself based on a disassembly of the original Amiga ProTracker); things like black_queen.mod and MPT test cases play correctly. You can also choose whether the EFx effect should be played like in ProTracker or like the PT playroutine plays it
  • Familiar Impulse/Schism Trackerish interface with familiar keyboard commands
  • User configurable keybindings, colors, fonts of any size, even screen layouts...
  • WAV export with optional looping and fade out
  • Integrated mouse-driven sample editor

Supported formats:

  • MOD - Loads and saves Amiga ProTracker modules (including load support for 15-sample Ultimate SoundTracker mods, NoiseTracker, and PowerPacked files)
  • P61A - Imports The Player 6.1a crunched modules
  • IT - Imports Impulse Tracker modules
  • S3M - Imports Scream Tracker 3 modules
  • Samples: IFF 8SVX, WAV, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, raw

If you find the program useful, a tip would be appreciated!