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Propulse Tracker current status
- Basically operational on Win/Linux/Mac
- Would prefer someone else to do the Linux and Mac binary builds because
it's inconvenient for me
To be fixed:
- "Boost highs" in resampling options is nonfunctional
- Font and mouse pointer images must be in 1/4/8-bit PCX format
- Palette preset loading/saving disabled for now due to lack of file requester
Platform specific:
- Setting "task priority" only available on Windows
- Exploring to a file's location or launching URLs only functional on Windows
- File operations (move/copy/delete file/folder in file requesters) untested
on non-Windows platforms
Regressions/changes from PoroTracker
New features:
- Common file/directory operations can now be performed in the file requesters:
Use the context menu (Esc) on file/directory listings or use keyboard:
Shift-F2 to rename file, Shift-F5 to copy file, Shift-F6 to move file,
Shift-F7 to create directory, Shift-F8 to delete file (or dir in Windows)
- Bookmarks can now be renamed
- Support for loading/editing samples larger than 128K
- Improved waveform display
Permanent changes:
- Settings for audio API and graphics rendering API selection removed
- Setting "use OS file requesters" removed
- Window scaling (pixel doubling) is changed via settings instead of simply
resizing the window
- Rendering the current module or selection to WAV is done via the Save Module
screen by entering a filename ending in .wav. This will display the export
- Changed visual effect in splash screen
Bugs fixed from PoroTracker
- WAV saving: corrected a value in the wav format header
- Scrollbars didn't work after clicking on them until mouse was moved away
- Various other widget engine fixes and improvements
- Incorrect sample format shown in file requester
- Other stuff I forgot to write down
hukka 2017-07-27 - -