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Maintenance update.

  • Correct bitdepth and audio format are now shown in sample file requester
  • Fixed a double-free bug which could cause a crash on sample import
  • Improved and corrected audio initialization/playback via SDL2
    • Device can be chosen instead of always using the default output device
    • Audio device setting is stored separately from BASS audio device setting
    • No longer using deprecated API calls
  • Improved the way libraries are loaded on Linux
    • Set RPATH in binary, don't use custom dynamic loader code/APIs
  • Removed some dependencies for a smaller binary and cleaner code
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Aug 30, 2019
fix mouse pointer getting hidden when switching to fullscreen

@hukkax hukkax released this Aug 30, 2019

Been a while! This is a pretty big update and fixes a lot of bugs. Linux compatibility has also been drastically improved. Highlights:

  • Implemented URL launching, Browse to File, directory deletion and other file management operations on all platforms
  • Added "Insert pattern" and "Delete pattern" (Ctrl+Insert, Ctrl+Delete)
  • Added "slide effect values" (Alt+X) and "clear effect values" (Shift+Alt+X)
  • Added "Truncate samples at loop end" in Cleanup dialog
  • Doubleclicking on the sample waveform now selects the sample, loop, pre-loop
    or post-loop data depending on location
  • Added option to display pattern row numbers in hexadecimal
  • Added "full clear" editor command (Shift+Period) which will clear the current
    column and all the columns following it on the channel
  • Fixed fullscreen on Linux
  • Brought the playroutine more in line with ProTracker Clone behavior:
    • Fixed invalid notes and some effects producing sound when they shouldn't
    • Reset Paula properly when changing patterns on the fly while playing
    • Muted Paula channels are now always emulated to fix problems related to
      unmuting channels and for display on quadrascopes
  • Fixed invalid sample loop handling which could cause the playroutine to crash
  • Fixed some bad behavior when editing the effect or volume columns when there
    already was data in the other column
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to merge modules
  • Fixed a crash on loading/browsing sample files if the file couldn't be opened
  • Fixes and improvements for loading samples from inside modules
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@hukkax hukkax released this Nov 11, 2017

Some important bugfixes in this release, please upgrade ASAP!
Fixes bugs caused by pattern and replayer code simplifications in v0.9.5.0.

  • Regression fix: off-by-one error when modifying a note's octave via editing
    the octave column value caused the note B unable to be modified
  • Regression fix: off-by-one error when transposing notes in pattern caused
    A#3 to be the highest available destination note
  • Regression fix: off-by-one error when playing notes via keyboard in the
    sample list caused incorrect pitches being heard
  • Sample names were incorrectly padded with spaces instead of zeroes in
    saved modules
  • Fixed formatting issues with the sample list dialog shown by sample functions
    such as Replace with/Swap with/Copy from
  • Added config option for muted channel colors in quadrascope
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@hukkax hukkax released this Nov 3, 2017

This release brings quite a few additions and fixes! Including:

New features:

  • S3M import
  • Merge module function: press Shift-Enter on a module file (or use the context menu) to merge the module into the current one
  • You can now sort files by extension in the file requesters
  • Added Upsample and Downsample effects to samples screen
  • Added "Browse to current module" to file requester context menu
  • Text edit controls now support clipboard copy and paste (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V)
  • F1 in pattern editor already showed a short description of the command under the cursor, but now pressing it again brings up a help popup with the complete description of the command
  • Per-channel scopes (aka quadrascope; finally); click on the scope to toggle between the normal scope and per-channel scopes. Use mousewheel, Shift+mousewheel or the palette configuration screen to modify colors used


  • Importing a module with more than 4 channels now lets you specify which channels to import
  • Module loader is now more robust and can load some broken modules
  • Improved file sorting in file requesters
  • The Cleanup dialog now allows to clean up duplicate patterns and samples
  • Invalid (out-of-range) notes in imported modules now show the original note value instead of "???"
  • If module loading fails the currently loaded module is kept in memory instead of clearing everything
  • Illegal sample loops are now handled better (fixes mod.shorttune2 etc.)
  • Sample loops are now retained after using the Resample function
  • You can now press Enter on an item in the configuration screen to modify the value via a popup window
  • For dialogs that ask you to select an item in a listbox, you can now doubleclick on the list to select the item and acknowledge the dialog
  • If there were errors or warnings when loading a module a dialog box will be displayed
  • Updated the help file


  • Paste function in the sample editor now works properly
  • File requester no longer hides filenames with more than one period in them
  • Impulse Tracker sample decompression is now faster and no longer generates trashed sampledata
  • Automatic resampling at module import no longer trashes samples
  • Playing notes without inserting them to the pattern using the Shift key didn't work at all
  • Space and period (.) keys in pattern editor didn't work like in IT
  • Fixed the Ctrl and Delete keys not working in text edit controls
  • Fixed incorrect size and range with scrollbar thumb in certain situations

Again, Mac/Linux builds available upon request.

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@hukkax hukkax released this Oct 6, 2017

Another release! Highlights:

  • Karplus-Strong (E8x) effect implemented (optional; disabled by default) (pt2play)
  • Option to automatically restore original samples upon stopping playback; useful when using effects that modify sample data (EFx, E8x)
  • The Help viewer now has hypertext support
  • The Configuration screen now displays context help popups for configuration items by pressing F1
  • Various widget engine improvements and tweaks; slider/scroller widgets now have 3D bevels
  • Zooming in on sample waveform using the mouse wheel zooms towards where mouse is pointing
  • Added a loop toggle button to sample screen for quicker toggling of sample looping. Middle click on the waveform works too
  • Clicking on the orderlist now moves the cursor accordingly
  • Fixed broken tremolo effect (pt2play)
  • Fixed sample file requester crashing on empty directories
  • Fixed incorrect channel vumeter positioning on certain font sizes
  • Fixed Propulse not remembering file requester sort settings between sessions
  • Removed Impulse Tracker edit mode for being buggy and complicating the code

NOTE: building MacOS and Linux binaries require manual work and I don't know of any non-Windows users of Propulse currently, so Mac/Linux binaries will be built on request from now on.

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@hukkax hukkax released this Aug 17, 2017

New binaries for Windows and 64-bit Linux! Highlights include:

  • Accuracy improvements to the playroutine
  • You can now jump to a specific time in the song by pressing Ctrl-Shift-P
  • Improved sample waveform display
  • MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files can now be loaded as samples
  • Fixes high CPU usage when vsync is enabled and window is hidden/minimized
  • Various compatibility improvements, optimizations and bugfixes

MacOS binaries coming later (always a bit of a hassle since I don't own a Mac).

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@hukkax hukkax released this Apr 20, 2017

This version focuses on bringing the Linux build on par with the Windows version.

Linux specific:

  • Resampling functionality via libsoxr now works on Linux too
  • SDL2 fullscreen seems broken on Linux currently, so going fullscreen with Propulse will just maximize the window
  • Binary shipped with all dependencies so you don't need to install anything else to get Propulse running

General changes:

  • Libraries are now loaded dynamically and errors/failures are logged
  • Propulse now also works with older versions of SDL2 (<2.0.5)
  • Windowing improvements
  • Diacritics are now removed from entered text so Ä => A, etc. instead of garbage characters
  • Option to force or disable vsync
  • Improved robustness of data file loading and library initialization
  • Various bugfixes
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@hukkax hukkax released this Apr 13, 2017


  • You can now load and edit samples larger than 128 KB (there is still an upper limit)
  • When saving mod with large samples, the user is warned and samples are cropped to max. 128K
  • Added file/directory/bookmark operations to file requester context menus (content depends on whether file listing or directory/bookmark listing is active, and which item therein)
  • Improved file requester behavior
  • Improved message log
  • Font can now be changed on the fly; added fonts from PoroTracker
  • Audio device selection now shows device names


  • Directory edit in file requester was broken
  • There was no quit confirmation when module was modified
  • Loading modules via drag&drop didn't work
  • Limit window scaling to desktop size
  • Playing samples in sample file req also added key to search string
  • Improved sample load/save robustness
  • Fixed sample cut/delete/mix paste
  • Incorrect sample format shown in file requester
  • Resample function was missing from effect list (even with soxr loaded)
  • Fixed various range check errors
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@hukkax hukkax released this Apr 10, 2017

New since last release:

  • Common file/directory operations can now be done in the file requesters: Shift-F2 to rename file, Shift-F5 to copy file, Shift-F6 to move file, Shift-F7 to create directory, Shift-F8 to delete file (or directory in Windows)
  • Bookmarks can now be renamed
  • Changed splash screen effect
  • Smaller executable size


  • Framerate limiter was broken
  • Mouse cursor was not properly clipped, potentially causing crashes in fullscreen mode
  • Modifying keybindings via the config dialog was broken
  • File requesters now obey keybindings instead of using hardcoded keys
  • Widget engine fixes

TODO for next release:

  • Update help file
  • Verify file operations on Linux
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