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[Interactive Demo]

Check out the new DeepPrivacy2! It significantly improves anonymization quality compared to this repository.

DeepPrivacy is a fully automatic anonymization technique for images.

This repository contains the source code for the paper "DeepPrivacy: A Generative Adversarial Network for Face Anonymization" published at ISVC 2019, and  "Image Inpainting with Learnable Feature Imputation " published at GCPR 2020.

The DeepPrivacy GAN never sees any privacy sensitive information, ensuring a fully anonymized image. It utilizes bounding box annotation to identify the privacy-sensitive area, and sparse pose information to guide the network in difficult scenarios.

DeepPrivacy detects faces with state-of-the-art detection methods. Mask R-CNN is used to generate a sparse pose information of the face, and DSFD is used to detect faces in the image.


Check out the original version here:

Check out GCPR readme to reproduce our results from our publication "Image Inpainting with Learnable Feature Imputation".

New features in version 2

  • FP16 inference
  • Support for face detection and landmark detection with a single SSD model (retinanet).
  • Face alignment before anonymization - improves performance for rotate faces.
  • Heavily refactored code.
  • All improvements from our paper "Image Inpainting with Learnable Feature Imputation" are included.
  • Support for standard image inpainting datasets (CelebA-HQ and Places2).
  • Support for video inference


Install the following:

  • Pytorch >= 1.7.0 (Some checkpoints requires a bug fix from pytorch 1.7 - the current master branch)
  • Torchvision >= 0.6.0
  • NVIDIA Apex (If you want to train any models - nolt needed for inference)
  • Python >= 3.6

Simply by running our file:

python3 install

or with pip:

pip install git+


In our experiments, we use docker as the virtual environment.

Our docker image can be built by running:

cd docker/

docker build -t deep_privacy . 


We have a file command line interface to anonymize images.

python3 -s input_image.png -t output_path.png

You can change the model with the "-m" or "--model" flag (see model zoo). The cli accepts image files, video files, and directories.

The cli is also available outside the folder python -m deep_privacy.cli.

Also check out python -m deep_privacy.cli -h for more arguments.


Test out the model with


Also check out python -h for more arguments.

Anonymization Model Zoo

Model Dataset Detector Num parameters
deep_privacy_v1 FDF 128x128 SSD-based RetinaNet for face detection + Mask RCNN for keypoints 46.92M
fdf128_rcnn512 (recommended) FDF 128x128 SSD-based RetinaNet for face detection + Mask RCNN for keypoints 47.39M
fdf128_retinanet512 FDF 128x128 SSD-based RetinaNet with ResNet50 backbone 49.84M
fdf128_retinanet256 FDF 128x128 SSD-based RetinaNet with ResNet50 backbone 12.704M
fdf128_retinanet128 FDF 128x128 SSD-based RetinaNet with ResNet50 backbone 3.17M

Retinanet Detector

Combined keypoint and face detection in one single-shot model (SSD-based). Uses five landmarks: eyes, nose, and mouth (left and right). Model is based on RetinaFace. The model is significantly faster, but has poorer detection than DSFD.


Uses Mask R-CNN is for keypoint detection, and DSFD for face detection.


If you find this code useful, please cite the following:

author="Hukkel{\aa}s, H{\aa}kon
and Mester, Rudolf
and Lindseth, Frank",
title="DeepPrivacy: A Generative Adversarial Network for Face Anonymization",
booktitle="Advances in Visual Computing",
publisher="Springer International Publishing",

FDF Dataset

The FDF dataset will be released at github:hukkelas/FDF


All code is under MIT license, except the following.

Code under deep_privacy/detection:


DeepPrivacy: A Generative Adversarial Network for Face Anonymization







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