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Onyx is a Ruby on Rails image gallery. It is designed to be clean and intuitive, flexible, customizable, and quick.

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Hi! Welcome to the Readme for the Onyx Gallery Software.
 Onyx is an open source Ruby on Rails based image gallery. It is designed to be
 clean and intuitive, flexible, customizable, and quick. 

  - Onyx allows you to organize your favorite images several different ways. 
    You can add categories, subcategories, and even tags.
  - Add images from your computer or directly feed in an image url from the net. 
  - Protected admin area to manage your gallery securely.
  - View images via slideshow, individually, or categorized.
  - Built in RSS Generator so everyone can view your latest images.
  - Much more!

  - Read the file INSTALL for more details. It's pretty easy!

  - This app does require the Rmagick(1.15.12 or better) gem to function. Some 
    photo effects(watermarking, polaroid) only work well with version 2+ 
  - Like most Ruby on Rails applicatoins, Onyx also requires some type of 
    database(mysql, sqlite, etc.).

How to use Onyx
  - After you install onyx, go to to view your gallery. 
    This assumes you installed onyx to a subdomain called To 
    start adding images, go to and log in with the 
    default username and password, which are:
     - Username: admin
     - Password: admin
    After you're logged in, click on any of the menu items on right. We 
    recommend adding an image FIRST, by clicking "Add Image". It's pretty 
    self-explanatory after that. Be sure to look at all the tools you can use 
    and let us know if you need any help or have any suggestions. 

Enjoy Onyx! Visit our site: to let us know
about anything you're curious about or if you see any bugs/problems! We're constantly
trying to update Onyx to make it the best open source gallery ever. We can't
do that if we don't know what everyone wants, so if you see a feature you'd like, let
us know, that's what we're here for!

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