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Thanks for downloading Opal!
To install this application, please follow the following steps:
1. Download it! Which I assume you've already done....
2. Configure your database(s) in config/database.yml
* Note: Opal requires a database to store image information in.
Most ruby on rails applications use a database to store
information. By default, Opal uses Mysql, but you can
use sqlite3 or any other rails-support database.
3. Run 'rake db:migrate' from the command line(typically using ssh).
This will install the database structure of Opal.
4. That's it! Run your application on the web using apache, mongrel,
webrick, or nginx. The default Admin username/password is:
* Note: If you need any additional help, see the README section, it
tells you everything you need to get started, or contact us,
post in our forum, or check out the Opal Wiki at:
Opal Item Management System - Copyright 2010 - Hulihan Applications
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