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A cross-website product information fetcher for ruby.

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Build Status

Fletcher is a cross-website product/item information fetcher. Give fletcher a product url and you'll get back a nice, simple object that's easy to work with.


  • Uses nokogiri for data parsing
  • No third-party API Access Required (Good for websites that don't even have API access)

Supported Websites

  • Amazon (name, description, price, images)
  • eBay (name, images)
  • ThinkGeek (name, description, images)
  • Etsy (name, description, images)


gem install fletcher


require "fletcher"

item = Fletcher.fetch # => "" # => "Avenir Deluxe Unicycle (20-Inch Wheel)"

item.description # => "A wonderful unicycle"

item.image # => {:url => "", :alt => "Picture of Unicycle"}

item.image.url # => ""

item.price # => #<Money cents:500 currency:USD>
item.price.to_f # => 5.0
item.price.format # => "$5.00"  
item.price.currency.symbol # => "$"

# Get Raw Nokogiri Document # => Nokogiri::HTML::Document


The following attributes are available from items:

  • title - (String) The name of the item/product
  • description - (String) The item/product description
  • price - (Money) A Money object representing the item price. This makes exchange rates and math functionality easy to use.
  • image - (Hash) The main image of the item
  • images - (Array) Any available images of the item
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