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Play Messages Module

This module gives you a tool for localizing your application.

Tested with play 2.1.1 on windows and linux.


  • Web based tool for localizing your application
  • Finds localization keys from your sources
  • Keys are clearly divided into new, existing and obsolete
  • Allows you to edit all localizations within one table
  • Ignore list for keys that should not be shown as new keys, intended for keys that are falsely identified as localization keys
  • Keep list for keys that are should be treated as normal keys although they are not found in the sources
  • Remove existing keys
  • Localizations are saved in alphabetical order in your application's messages file


Add the module dependency to your application Build.scala

"de.corux" %% "play-messages" % "[2.0,)"

Add the module to the routes

-> /@messages    play.messages.Routes

Start your application and access the tool in @messages:


You can specify the source folders the tool scans in the application.conf, for example


if you want to include localizations in your javascripts. Default value for this property is app. Take a look at reference.conf for all available options.