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I'm way to many problems with lag #6

Ninja76123 opened this Issue Oct 19, 2012 · 3 comments

4 participants


Super Mario 64 Boots Up at 30 to 60 then gets to mario head 7487 then it's super laggy from there?

Any way To Fix?


Is it still super laggy after the head? If I skip the head ('S' key is Start) then the main menu is a lot faster, and in game is faster.

The head sequence is really, really slow for some reason. I've not got to the bottom of it yet, but it should improve over time.


After the head part I get a very reasonable frame rate. It blows my mind that you got n64 emulation running so well using javascript.

niksad8 commented Oct 29, 2013

after the head the game is fine just a few glitches here and there. yup my head got blown that you did all this in JS lol

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