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A demo of inline recommendation with (a la Medium)
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Going barebones with

tl;dr; Click on the headings, paragraphs and list elements of this page and rate them as you please.

This tutorial is aimed at demonstrating that provides a dead-simple yet powerful API client.

What will we do ?

We will build a minimalistic review tool for documentation, taking this very README file as a source. The purpose of the tool is to allow readers to indicate within a document which are the parts they like the most.

More precisely, with's API, we will on the fly create entities within our platform (those entities being the paragraphs and headings of the document) so the readers, once logged in with Twitter, can review these entities.

I want to play with it

The demo is located on github pages.

Head on to the demo page and click on any paragraph or heading, a popover will show either:

  • a Login button if you're not logged in yet
  • a (un)Recommend button with the associated number of recommendations for the selected entity

Source code, please!

The magic is contained in the file located at app/scripts/popover.js, which complete annotated source code is available here;

The complete source code of the project is available here on github. Please note that the project has been generated with our grunt-init template, which we encourage you to use to get started.

Fork and Install

To install your own, you must have a account, and have created an application. Then copy your application's id and organization's URL (found in the admin) in the file app/script/hull-init.js.

Then run the following commands:

npm install
grunt prepare
grunt server

grunt server will start a server listening on port 9000 which you can use for development purpose.

Use in your own project

Everything that is needed to enable these functionnalities for your app (apart from hull.js) is contained in a single jQuery plugin, which you can find in the file app/scripts/popover.js.

This file also bootstraps the demo, to give an overview of the expected parameters.

Want moar ?

Check out our other demos on our github page and visit our website.

If you want to get in touch with us, feel free to email us at



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