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A demo app to demonstrate the use of WebHooks in
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About this project

This project is built on the Hull platform, to emonstrate the use of Webhooks in Hull.

You will need an account on Hull to run the hooks locally, or to write your own.


This is demo a entirely built with Hull. The purpose is to send you a mustachified version of your Facebook profile by email.

Play with Hullstache (

The following features are demoed in this app.

  • Login with Facebook
  • Retrieval of profile picture and email address from Facebook data
  • Your own scripts run as a (server-side) webhook

The webhook has been writen in PHP. Although we reconmmend PHP 5.4, any version starting at PHP 5.1 should work.

Goals of this demo

The purpose of this demo is mainly to demonstrate how Webhooks in Hull work. And we're really big fan of silly useless demos here!

How to add a webhook to your app

  1. Write your script/app that can respond to POST requests
  2. Login to the Hull's admin
  3. Select your app in the organization it belongs to
  4. Click on the "Create a hook" button
  5. Enter the URL of your hook
  6. Et voila! Everytime something happens in your app, your hook will get notified.
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