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Welcome to Personal Puzzle!

Personal Puzzle, or PP, is a personal time management tool with an unique automatic scheduling feature, designed for freelance journalists, agile programmers or just about anyone with a need to plan their work day.

PP is developed by Johan Wallén and started out as a project during the programme “Agile Web Developer” at KYH Gothenburg. Since then the service has evolved and a closed beta version is imminent.

The core of PP is Ruby on Rails with a sprinkle of jQuery for some of the front-end features. Some of the ready made jQuery modules I've used are jQuery Countdown from Keith Wood ( and Timepicker from Trent Richardson (

The calendar view in the schedule feature is made from the Railscasts episode 213 by Ryan Bates (

If you would like to know more about PP, have suggestions or want to take part in the development don't hesitate to contact me at