Feature request: Sync multifox settings via Firefox Sync #116

MurzNN opened this Issue Jul 20, 2013 · 4 comments


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MurzNN commented Jul 20, 2013

Will be good to sync multifox settings via Firefox Sync - current mode and whitelist (and in future - blacklist) data, because now we must repeat adding each site in whitelist on each computer.

This request is not the first priority, but will be good to see in future.

ToxaZ commented Jul 20, 2015

that'll be awesome

Is it true that Multifox already supports this feature, though broken at times.

I swear that computer B suddenly has custom named profiles created at computer A. But, it also has an additional amount of unnamed (regularly numbered) profiles. (And somehow overwriting previously created profiles).

So in short, it seems to sync, although I prefer that it was an option I could turn off for now, because it screws up my profiles.

Thank you for the cool addon in any case.

MurzNN commented Dec 13, 2015

Confirm, sync created profile list works! But sometimes profile names are reset to default "Profile 2, Profile 3" on all computers in sync account.
Seems this happens when I add new computer to sync account.
Can you fix this problem?

Yes, also an option to disable sync would be nice. Sometimes you need different profile names. (At work vs private computers for example).

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