Feature request "open (link in) identity profile..." #132

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At the moment there are two ways of opening a profile window:

  1. New Identity Profile
  2. Open Link in New Identity Profile

Both assume the new profile is the one that follow the current one.

The problem:

I have several identity profiles so when I want to open, say, 5th one I have to open 5 windows. Preferably, there should be in option to "open (link in) identity profile..." with a menu showing a list of available profiles + 1. Keyboard shortcuts to first 10 profiles would be handy as well.

AMZMA commented Dec 29, 2013

great idea
would be nice if its like this http://puu.sh/61SYw .

and i hope applied to "allmyacc" too.
right click open profile in this tab
middle click open profile in new foreground tab


Fixed in Multifox 3.0 beta. Please try: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/multifox/#beta-channel [Development Channel]

@hultmann hultmann closed this Sep 18, 2014
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