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buggy in phpBB forum... #46

0rt opened this Issue · 5 comments

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some how always need to re log-in... and I don't have only one account in those site. Very annoying, try to delete the cookies.sqlite, don't work.
Anyone esle encounter similiar issue?


As I recall, mess up cookies with other side, login failure seldom occurred in beta2, and after I switch back to 2b2, so far so well...


b2 is much stable..... never go wrong since I moved back to beta 2

@tbs is a good example, I lost my auto login every day or after apply Nightly update.


Is this issue still a bug?


I can confirm the cookies mess up (the ones from another site get shown on the forum as accounts for it) on a PunBB forum - multifox2.0b8 there shows me a mix of account for that forum plus my accounts from another site.

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