Multifox & many Greasemonkey scripts not working together anymore #55

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Lunique commented Jan 23, 2012

Everything used to work fine but since I upgraded to firefox 9 many greasemonkey scripts does not work in multifox windows anymore. Downgrading firefox did not work either.
I'm using Multifox 1.3.3, firefox 9.0.1 (tried downgrading till firefox 3), greasmonkey 0.9.14 and the scripts that doesn't work anymore are all for facebook. I don't use the tab version of multifox because it always forgets my logins after the 6th or 7th.

If I stay in the first window without any multifox ID my greasemonkey scripts all work fine. As soon as I try it in any of the other IDs I can log in to facebook but the scripts tell me that I'm not logged in.

I hope you understand what I mean, it was difficult to describe my problem (no native speaker).
Greetings & thanks for this nice addon!

hultmann commented Feb 8, 2012

Could you link some scripts that used to work?

Lunique commented Feb 8, 2012

These are two I know by heart (most important for me ;) )
Facebook Wall Manager:
Gift Link Creator:

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