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OpenTK is a set of bindings to OpenGL and OpenAL. This is a fork of the original project at, however the column branch contain major changes that makes it incompatible with the original project.
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Documentation Changed project files to "Microsoft Visual Studio" in MonoDevelop.
Installers Changed project files to "Microsoft Visual Studio" in MonoDevelop.
Source Minor fix of previous GL2-GL move
OpenTK.snk Added keyfile and strong-named all projects.
README.markdown Added README explaining the position of this repository.



The Open Toolkit is a low-level .NET library written in C# that wraps OpenGL and OpenAL.

The official project website is at


The trunk branch is a clone of the original svn repo. If any future commits are made there this is where they would be cloned.

Any other branch is up to the respective repo owner to maintain.

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