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Currently DripLS runs on linux based systems, as it makes use of iptables/netem.
In future it is possible to enable DripLS to run on BSD based distros via ipfw.
Basic Installation
To setup DripLS :
1. Make sure iptables is available and kernel is compiled with netem support.
This should be the default on most linux systems.
2. Make sure the user running the service has sudo rights
3. Install nginx or apache to use as a reverse proxy. Note that nginx does not
support HTTP/1.1 as a proxy_pass, thus byte range requests would not be
properly supported.
4. Copy the configuration sites for nginx from conf/nginx/. Make sure to include
them in the nginx config. If using apache, use conf/apache/ configs and place
tem under /etc/apache/conf.d/
5. Execute fab local deploy so that DripLS can setup its components, or make a new
target in the deploy/fabfile for the remote server on which to deploy Dripls
6. ps aux | grep dripls on the target server to verify the app is running
7. curl "http://<dripls-host>/master.m3u8?authkey=sample&cid=wt&r=650k.s0~e404" and
make sure there is a valid response
Custom Adapter
To extend the DripLS functionally to handle specifics of your HTL server, extend
HttplsProvider in conf/